Monday, August 4, 2008

Girl Kids!

There's no getting around it. Girl kids=drama!

There's a reason they're called "drama queens" and not drama kings.

Technically we have 4 girl kids, but a lot of the times there's more, as many as 8 actually that I can think of without doing a whole lot of thinking. A bunch of friends who have moved into and out of our lives, some staying awhile, some just floating through, and they all come back. And then leave. And then come back again.

And the drama that these girl kids create is nothing short of phenomenal! I had no idea that problems could be created that would make planets colliding look like a minor thunderstorm.

We have the current divorce and custody drama. Actually, technically, not one of our natural born girl kids, this one is a transplant, however is currently staying with us. This little gal, while we love her with all our hearts, is sometimes her own worst enemy. Standing on the outside and looking in at this 118 lb hurricane and her 24 lb tropical storm is enough to make anyone a fan of prozac. Thank God I can walk away!

The oldest two have thankfully outgrown most of the need for drama, or on the rare cases that they haven't, they have husbands who have to deal with it, and don't live here so we aren't a party to it on a regular basis.

The 3rd oldest of our natural born girl kids is her own little mini storm just because of one reason. She has to have the last word. Period. Can't shut her mouth and walk away, nope, gotta keep the pot stirred, gotta create just one more little thunderstorm, having the last word is where it's at. And of course, her significant other is the same way. Actually, he could be accurately labeled a drama king, and while actually he's a pretty good guy, the two of them together could (and regularly do) create enough wind to blow out the sun. Let hope that doesn't happen. That could open a whole nother can of worms!

The 4th and youngest of the girl kids has it together, at least on the surface. She's learned from the others, and can see through the clouds they create better than I can. She keeps me grounded, but is hurt easily by all of this. Her natural place is a peacemaker and when it blows up in her face, she takes it personally. At least the drama that she creates is minimal. Like last night.....

The phone rings, I don't bother to answer it, cause transplanted daughter number (I don't know, I've lost count) is in the house, and I'm in the garden. But it goes unanswered. No problem, whoever it is will call back if it's important. And it was, at least to #4. So she called back. This time I answer and am barraged with life altering questions, like "where were you when I needed you"? Well, you're still alive and breathing so what's the problem.

"I needed to know what temperature to cook chicken", she says like the house is on fire and she forgot the phone number for 9-1-1.

Hmmm, yeah, that's important, just like it was THE LAST 15 TIMES I'VE ANSWERED THIS QUESTION FOR YOU!

"well, you weren't there so I called one of my friend's mom and she laughed at me, but she told me what temperature to use" (same one I've always told her!)

Yeah, drama, it's what my girls live on. Without a bit of drama in their lives they'd have to... well, create more....). And planets colliding have nothing on these girls!

And then there's the youngest, our only male child, and while the drama that he creates is very minimal, you'd think from having at least 4 sisters at any one time that he would have learned how to deal with it (like walk away), but no, he's funny. He gets frustrated, and angry, although he'd never show his anger to any of his sisters, he can't deal with their problems, almost like he's the one who has to make it better and this is just too much for him.

I can almost hear the conversations that take place between him and his friends.

"Dude, you'll never guess what _____'s life altering problem was last night".

"Hey, pass me another beer."

"So, like she was all worked up because she called the house and noone answered. She needed to know what temperature to cook chicken. How am I supposed to know the answer to that (acutally he probably does), and she expects me to fix this for her".

"Hey, you wanna go to KFC? I'm getting hungry".

"Yeah, me too, maybe we'll meet up with some of the girls."

Boys, they never learn!

That's ok, most of his friends have sisters too, and since they're all about the same age have learned from each other how to make their own drama scenarios.

And they wonder why I talk to the cows!

Homestead update.... I butchered the last of last year's turkeys this weekend, our son (who is back to Iraq in another 10 days or so) LOVES turkey noodle soup, so..... I'm actually getting pretty good at this. Can take this critter from walking around the yard to cut, packaged and in the freezer in under an hour.

Waded into the garden to find my tomato plants and what did I find? Tomato plants (this is a good thing!) and lots and lots of little green tomatoes. But... they're all over the ground. Whoever created tomato cages, didn't really take into consideration what tomato plants planted in compost would do. So... tonight it's off to the woods (well, like 30 feet from my back door) to find some sticks with bends and branches that I can pound into the ground and drape the tomatoes over. They get ground rot too easy if they lay on the ground, so that's the project for tonight.

Also found some cucumer plants when I weeded. Think I got the zucchini under control, but I'm watching it, it would be naive to believe that just because it's gone that it will stay gone!

Stealth knitting project has been completed. It's a wittle baby sweater for a wittle baby girl, due to be born any day. This has become my favorite quick to knit project. Still needs to be blocked, so I'll take pics tonight.

And she's off........


Anonymous said...

Ugh, you have too many kids...

Anonymous said...

and too many critters...

Anonymous said...

It was a big deal and If people were where they are suppose to be when I need them I wouldnt have to take it personal. I needed you and you were not where you were suppose to be, do you have any idea what goes through a girls head when she can't find her mommy