Friday, August 15, 2008

Murphy Has Returned!

I should have known it would happen, it never fails. I had a couple of wonderfully productive days at work, beautiful weather, gorgeous rides to and from work, and then it happened. Got to knit night last night and my bike stalled. This isn't really all that shattering, the clutch is messed up a bit and "touchy" as hubby likes to call it. So it stalled.

I tried to start it again and it wouldn't. Start that is. Wouldn't really even try. It acted all like "My battery is dead, hello!" So I was like, "duh, I can tell that, but I've been riding you all day, why are you dead?" And it was like, "Did you not hear me? My battery is dead". And on and on it went. You can imagine. So what does anyone do in such a situation? Deal with it - later.

Yup, I'm all about Dealing With It Later.

When "later" happened, after several hours of enjoyable, relaxing knitting I tried to pretend that I didn't know what had happened earlier. Tried to ignore the previous discussion I had had with my bike, ignorance being bliss and all, and you know what? It worked!

Shhhhhhh, I'll say it again, but I'm gonna say it really, really quiet: "it worked!"

There we are! Hey, the font sizie thingie is kinda cool! We can go extra large or we can go really small. I'll bet there are colors involved too! Let's see... this is red, and this one is green. Yup! works pretty well. I should play with these buttons more often!

All of this nonsense is a ploy, really, just to throw Murphy off track. And the reason I'm blaming Murphy, is because hubby got my egg fixed and it is now driveable again, so, of course, it stands to reason that my other vehicle would break. We can't have more than one driveable vehicle after all!

Pretty lame post, but that's all I got for you.

Closing in on getting GD's sweater done, just sew it up, put on the binding and do the hoodie thingie. And it's off in the mail. And not a moment too soon (however it is about 4 months too late!)
Coming soon, a picture of said sweater!

Hey, I have another blog now that I'm writing, check it out, I'm the new Knitting Editor (all fancy title, complete with caps!) for

Here we are:

Check me out!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, if it's just the battery that's nothing. It could of been worse! Like the time I was riding and my bike was dripping/(more like gushing) oil/gasoline.