Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is Autumn Really Coming?

I read an email yesterday about how a gal in Wisconsin is getting her garden ready for fall. Excuse me, it's only the beginning of summer, well, maybe more toward the middle. What? August already???

What's up with that??

In Wisconsin?? An awful lot of Wisconsin is S. of us. She signed her email as "Zone 5". I'm in Zone 3. What does this mean?

There's only one explanation. Well maybe 2. One, I'm in denial about the whole "summer coming to an end" thing, and the other, that Wisconsin is in a parallel universe somewhere else and is really just an illusion. (Insert Jimmy Buffet song of choice here...)

So hubby and I took a LOOOONNNNGGGGGGG bike ride last night. Perfect night. Warm summer breeze (or was there a hint of cool?), beautiful green trees (I refuse to see the first tinges of orange, that tree must have been dying or something), and is the wildlife really starting to get a bit furrier that it should be at the beginning of summer?

Aaauuugggghhhhhh! Summer CAN'T be coming to an end, it can't be! No, no, no, no, no.

I still don't have my firepit dug for those late night bonfires. The greenhouse isn't done (or even started except in my mind - a scary place to be). The barn isn't full and overflowing. I don't have my watering system set up for the critters yet, and worst of all, I haven't opened up my pool for summer yet. (sometimes I get a bit behind!), and, - and this is a big AND), I don't have my firewood brought up to the deck yet. Actually this is what my firewood looks like.

And this is what it doesn't look like. This isn't my cabin, because my firewood isn't stacked up here where it needs to be.

Ok, breathe, it's not like there's snow in the forcast (although snow in August certainly isn't a surprise), the frost date is like WEEKS away, (mid. sept.) and it's all good. And besides, the leaves haven't started to fall off of the trees yet. When all that happens, then we shall truly have a reason to panic!
So, tonight I'll have to re-evaluate my "to do" list. I should probably stop planting things and start working on harvesting, getting critters ready for winter, and the most important, GET SOME HAY IN THE BARN and GET THE FIREWOOD CUT AND STACKED!!
I really do love this life, but right now I'm thinking I need to go back to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Summer is almost over. I know I shouldn't wine ESP where I'm at where we don't really have seasons. Oh well. Just enjoy it while it still last.

Oh you forgot to add the auto chic feeder to your list.