Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Bovines!

I got new babies! Hubby did a motor in exchange for a couple of bull calves. They are 5 weeks old. One is almost all white and we named him Pepper. The other is almost all black and we named him Salt. CUTE!!!! And, I was gonna take pictures but I couldn't find the Awesome Camera That I Bought Myself For My Birthday Last Year so you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see them. And.... instead of going fishing.... you might have to sit down here..... are you ready? Are you sure?

Instead of going fishing yesterday, Hubby build me a chicken coop!!!! Not just any chicken coop, this one has LOTS O Room! It's not done yet, but should be tonight and I'll get pics of that too.

He's feeling guilty I think. Next weekend is our anniversary and he's going up north to our cabin. My "Project For The Weekend When Hubby Is Away" is to put in my new sink and faucet. The countertop will have to wait, being as how I had to spend money on milk replacer and calf food. That's ok, I love new farm babies!

Didn't get much gardening in, we're still having frosts and freezes regularly, it's just not a good idea yet. I did have to go and buy a bunch of tomato and pepper plants, this was the weekend to do that and if it's not done now, they are pretty well picked over. So I'll just cover them and keep them well watered for another week or so.

Got the pool almost all cleaned out. After feeding calves and other chores, being in the cool water feels pretty good, plus pretty much eliminates the need for a shower, at least until morning. It works, get my water fix, get halfway clean, get my pool cleaned all in one fell swoop.

Life is good!

My brother and I had another Ride of a Lifetime on Sunday. He rides Hubby's bike when he's here. It was beautiful, about 70, bright sun and of course the scenery is beautiful. Any time of year, the scenery just rocks around here. And you always notice a lot more wildlife, scents, sounds... when you're on a bike. There's no beating it!

Almost got the baby booties done, just finishing up, so they'll be done for the baby shower this weekend. Got a lot of knitting done while my Red Wings tromped the Penguins again last night. Best 4 out of 7 series and we're so far 2 and 0. Tomorrow night is game three, this one is in Penguin territory, so there will be a home ice advantage for those boys. Will be another good game.

That's all for today, feeling very tired, like I tried to accomplish a lot this weekend.

Life Is Good! Life Is Great!! Life Rocks!! And, it's better than the alternative!!

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Anonymous said...

Dang, I wish I was there. Last nite I dreamt about riding my bike. I can't wait till Oct!

Chicken coop eh? Send him out here, I need one of those!