Monday, May 19, 2008

What I Was Gonna Do!!

This was my list for this weekend:
laundry, work, pen up chicks, start on stove, plant more seeds, work up garden, game, workroom cleaned, workout room set up........

This is what I did. 2 loads of laundry (as opposed to the 200 I should have done, but hey, it was windy and rainy, so... there's my out!). I worked on Saturday, and Sunday, rather than the 5 hrs on Saturday I was supposed to be here, it was pretty much all day Sat. and all day Sun. I didn't start on the stove, well, because see above about working all weekend. I didn't plant anymore seeds, because of the above, but also because it was windy and rainy, same for the garden, plus hubby didn't get the rototiller running for me. I didn't get the workroom cleaned or set up either, and you can pick any excuse you want, but pretty much it's hard to work on stuff at home when you're not there.

Gonna back up about 10 yrs or so here. Back when my youngest 2 girls were still in high school, we had a neighbor girl, about the same age who was real close to all of us. So much so, in fact, that one time she called and asked if she could spend the night cause she'd had a fight with her step father and wanted to get out of there for the night. 18 months later, after she graduated from high school, she moved out. It was all good, there were 5 teenage girls in the house at once with one bathroom. Hubby and Son pretty much didn't show up, and I don't blame them. But, what was one more eh?

So fast forward 10 or so years. This gal who is not a girl anymore, but a young woman with a small child has left her husband and moved north. She moved in with her mother and step father. Had an argument with her step father, and can you see what's happening here? Yeah, she moved back in with us. This isn't a problem, at all, actually, I've always thought of her as just another one of our girls, just another daughter, and yikes, just another granddaughter. In our house. When we were just getting used to having no kids again. But it's all good, neither of us would have told her she couldn't have come back, even with her little monkey daughter (who is adorable, and soooo much fun, btw). I finally have a playmate again.

This reminds me of a summer about 8 or so years ago when our oldest was having some problems and dropped her 18 mo. old twin girls off so she could go do some errands. She picked them up 6 weeks later. But it was good, the girls were so much fun to have around, I got to bond with them and it was good for all involved. She's grown up now and straightened stuff out but I still have that bond with the girls, who are now 10.

Anyway, that was what I got done this weekend, listened, hugged, held, talked, dried tears, played with the monkey baby, helped childproof the house.
It feels good to have a little one in the house again.

There is seriously something wrong with me!

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Anonymous said...

Awww... That's so sweet of you.