Friday, May 9, 2008

Cardboard Is Your Friend

We all get spam. We all get all this fun email that encourages you to lose weight, become the man you can be, clean out your colon, finish your degree, save on your life insurance.... you know the stuff, the reason the delete key was invented. Well, this morning I got a different kind of email. It was titled "Cardboard Is Your Friend". Well then! This I have to read!

But before I go into that, allow me to vent a bit. I have collected about 3 tons of turkey eggs this spring, none of which has hatched. All have been put in the incubator and appropriately marked. Nothing! They've been humidified and heated. Nothing! Twisted, turned and otherwise encouraged into production. Still nothing!
Apparantly Tom Tom has been gobbling the gobble but not strutting the strut, as it were. Either that or he's shooting blanks. I can't really blame the hens, he is one UGLY creature. He gets all puffed out, and purple headed and struts around like he's God's gift to... well... hens. A kind of Look At Me, Look At Me farce that can't be anything but hilarious! And he spits. Seriously, who would be attracted to that? And he shoots blanks! Lets give a rundown here, he's conceited, thinks he's gorgeous, and God's gift to the poultry race, spits, is ugly and has a purple head, not to mention he has feathers missing (not really his fault) and this long thing that hangs off his nose, er, uh, beak.
Yeah, spells attraction to me! (maybe he needs a few of those Be The Man You Can Be spams!)

Now, Mr. Rooster on the other end of the spectrum is a very pretty bird, and I already have proof that he knows how to do his job. But the next time he spurs me, he's gonna get kicked into next week (again!)

About the Cardboard is Your Friend email? Oh, yeah it was just a reminder from J. at work that she had a pile of cardboard ready to go to the Recycle Place Behind The Old Cleaners. My memory is so bad that my co-workers have to email me to remind me of such simple tasks!

We won! We won! We won!! I know you know that when I say We Won, I mean my Red Wings. Really good game, and in the end, the Stars got trompled 4-1.

Oh yeah! Life Is Good!!

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Anonymous said...

Yup, that turkey is gay! I think you should get some turkey chicks and start raising your next Tom Tom. You should also start fattening this one up for Thanksgiving.