Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Which Ter Gets Blonded!

So, I thought it would be fun to go "Sun Kissed" with my mousy brown hair. Now that the sun is starting to make an appearance in N. Mich, and being as how my daughters are all (well 3 out of 4)are blonde, just thought it would be fun.

Enter The Mouth.

And her Frosting Kit.

And her "If Someone Else Can Do It So Can I" attitude. Hmmmm, wonder where she got that? She's an ologist, I've mentioned that before, however "Cosmet" doesn't fit in front of the ologist in her world.

So we blonded, Mother and Mouth, in our special kind of way. It was special. Very special. And fun, I always have fun with my kids (like the Snow Day incidents, where.... never mind, another day for that one). 3 out of 5 of them are blonde, and well, of the three, three of them are, well, blonde. The other two, dark, dark brown, I tell you, it's all or nothing with this group. But come to think of it the dark brown 2 are blonde also.

I got sidetracked again, imagine that!

So, back to the blonding, The Mouth cut foil, parted hair, pasted frosting, and repeated for the better part of a half hour. When it was all said and done, we waited the appropriate time and rinsed, and shampooed, and did the conditioning rinse thing. Then she combed and towel dried and NEVER SAID A WORD!!! Well, then, must not be too bad. Until I looked! And saw


PATCHES!!! Of Blonde. Along with some really cool streaks, but PATCHES!! O.M.G! Part of me was streaky and part was chunky. It was actually kind of cool except for the patch over my bald spot that made it look, well, a lot bigger.

But with some "creative" blow drying and combing, she made it all better. Apparantly she's experienced with this type of hair-tastrophe, a little tidbit she neglected to reveal before she started with the cutting of foil, parting of hair, and pasting of frosting. It's all good, until it rained this morning. Oh well, I've got no-where to go except work so.....

You're still waiting for the Snow Day Incident to be told aren't you? Ok, just a quick one. I like to play with my kids, they are fun little creatures, it's all what you make it actually, Back when I was working part time, and my schedule was very very flexible, like if I didn't want to work that day it was all good (good job if you can get it), there was a time

a few times

Ok, it happened about once a month or so, when it would snow, really hard. Us hardy types up here are used to that, we expect it, and are dissapointed when The Snows Do Not Come". Well, one such morning, or maybe more than one, it snowed really hard. Not hard enough to call off school but a lot, and little creatures, being fairly trusting that their mother would only have their best interest in mind, believed me when I told them they had a snow day, and I stayed home from work, and we played out in the snow all day. That actually went on for quite awhile, probably 3 or 4 times a winter, until they started to catch on. They're blonde, it took them awhile, and in the meantime, education isn't all about sitting in a classroom, it's also watching snow fall, studying snowflakes, making snow angels, studying the logistics of a toboggon whipping along behind a truck in the fields, stuff like that. And it was fun. And it was good. And it was a long time ago, and I've grown up now, so no fair sending the truant officers after me! Besides, they'd have to find me, and my driver's lisence picture shows an old brown hair lady, not a sun streaked kid! They'll never find me!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Been there done that, except my hair isn't as light as yours so my hair turned gold, a dark gold instead of blonde.

So, when are you gonna post some pictures?