Thursday, May 8, 2008

Regular Wednesday Night Stuff (technical term)

So, it being Wednesday, and night and all, and taco night at the Local Watering Hole and a Michigan team was playing (Tigers) and the drinks were on sale because of it, guess where I could be found? Ding, ding, ding.... yup, you guessed it!

I'm not a people person. At all. Mostly ever. Unless there's alcohol involved. Would much rather commune with my critters, and plants and stuff. Wander around the blueberry patch and have an intellegent conversation with the green stuff which produces leaves and which needs to be mowed, and stuff.

But last night at the Local Watering Hole, there were people, and alcohol, and even though I'm soooo not a Tigers fan, a good time was had by all. The Mouth even showed up for awhile and harassed some of the local clientelle. She's entertaining if nothing else.

My yummy, yummy Yarn Of The Month shipment came in the mail yesterday. It was all ribbon yarn. I don't like trendy yarns, give me wool, or cotton or silk any day, and I make enough slubby stuff when I spin that we really have more than enough of that too. But the ribbon yarn came, and one, in particular, a Bamboo ribbon yarn in heathered blues, and teals and beiges, and browns.... all variagated... kind of attracted my attention. It was sooo soft and nice to knit with, if I liked ribbon yarns, which I don't. It had beautiful drape, just the right amount of stretch and was very enjoyable to knit with, if I liked ribbon yarns, which I don't. So, now we have a conundrum, in which we are knitting with a yarn we don't like, that we actually like. Gonna have to think about that one. Not sure which path to travel down now, my world is all mixed up and everything. Might even have to procure a special box to put that one in. But then we get into all the other special boxes that stuff is shoved into up in Little Brain and we have another whole issue.

Have to get a package ready to ship to The Youngest, who is currently in An Old Nuclear Facility In The Middle Of Nowhere In Iraq. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Don't nuclear facilities just shout RADIATION??? But it is in the middle of nowhere, which is good, even if it is in Iraq, which is not good. Ugh, another conundrum. You can see how it is that I end up wandering in circles out talking to my blueberries can't you?

Hey, guess what? The woodstove has not been started in over a week! That's got to be good, eh? Course there's been a few nights when we've gone to bed in sweats and wrapped up in extra blankets, but hey, the woodstove appears to be retired for the summer. And now that I've said that.... well, you know. Coupled with the fact that I have my tomatoes and peppers started and currently parked out in the sun on our patio table should be more than enough to invoke the Gods of Frost and Snow. But nope, the woodstove shall not be started again, at least until Sept.

LIG enjoyed another beautiful ride to work today, bundled up of course, with gloves and leather coat, and even socks! That's a biggie, I normally don't do socks, but the toes get cold when I ride LIG in 37 deg. temps. It's a nice enough ride to take most of the sting out of the frostbite, but after a few miles you can't feel anything anyway so it's all good.

Tonight I have knit night, but also the Red Wings are playing game 1 of the 3rd round. Another conundrum. Do I stay or do I go.... isn't there a song like that? Guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear of my decision!

Happy wandering!

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Anonymous said...

Geeze, it's May and it still dips down to 37? Gosh. Your weather there is pretty screwed up this year.

So when are you gonna knit Seth his sweater? He prefers pink.