Friday, May 16, 2008

Blueberries... To Be Or Not To Be??

Well, it appears that the guy I ordered my blueberry seedlings from has seen fit to take my money and be gone with it. I will file a complaint with PayPal today, if I don't hear from him by noon. I've given him plenty of opportunities, including 4 emails to ask about the order. I've been burned before by the ebay/paypal experience, but for the most part it works out. And I guess it bothers me more that I am out 50 blueberry seedlings than that I am out 30 bucks. I really wanted blueberries, and so does my yard where hubby took the bulldozer and made a "spot" for them. (still have to get the chainsaw out and clean that up a bit!)

Yeah, hubby and his toys can make a mess, usually he's not allowed on my side of the driveway, unless I specifically tell him what to do, what not to do, where not to go, what he can wreck, what to stay away from (hollyhocks, horse fencing, trees...), and have him sign 3 copies of it. Then and only then will I let him cross the driveway with his destructiveness.

I remember the day he tore the deck off the back of the house. All the required paperwork (3 copies) had been signed, x's drawn on what could go, string wrapped around what stayed (mainly the house and pool) and explicit directions. And I left him to his destruction. I can't usually bear to watch, he has way too much fun, it can't be good. When I came back the deck was off the side of the house indeed. The house itself had not been touched, nor had the pool. Everything that was specified to be done was done and nothing was wrecked that wasn't supposed to be... except..... the deck was in pieces, scattered all throughout the back yard. Claimed it was too soft back there and he couldn't get the timbers... out of there without messing up the lawn.

Cough... cough.....

Excuse me? What lawn? We do not have a lawn, we have a mixture of grasses, natural wildflowers, raspberry and blackberry brambles, ferns and weeds that loosely resemble a bare spot in the woods at best. At no time, ever has it ever resembled a lawn, would be hard to wreck, but it's his story and he stuck to it. Again, to his defense, the house and pool remained untouched, intact, and undamaged.

All this could be avoided if it didn't take a raindance and an act of God to get the skid steer started. I'm not even sure I could go through all the steps. You have to hook up the battery, wire up the fuel pump while choking and turning the key. At just the right spot in all of this you have to real quick turn around and put your other hand on the intake to choke it even more. Several of our tractors start the same way, so this one I pretty much have down. By this time you're standing on one foot and have your tongue hanging out and usually 3 or more fingers are crossed. I've been upside down a time or two, and that's just helping him. I don't know how I'd ever do it by myself. But it's always entertaining. Don't get me started on the crane or hydrahoe. These are important skills, I know someday these abilities will become useful, like maybe at some point I'll hire on at a gravel pit and they'll ask me if I know how to run a crane. Well, I do, but not one that actually works like it's supposed to. Turn the key and it starts??? What's that about?? Where's the challenge there?

Give me a raindance any day!

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