Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is my latest project. After firmly promising myself, making myself pinky swear (that was fun to watch), threatening myself with eye injury and generally telling everyone in the world (just to keep myself on track) that I would start NO OTHER project until my pretty yellow cable sweater was done, I started another project. Before the pretty yellow cable sweater was done.
But there's a good reason here. They are baby booties, ie.. simple to knit, fast to complete and I need them next Saturday (10 days or so). These are so cute. They use suede yarn (I'm using Lion Brand) because that's what our LYS (aka Walmart) had and although they're supposed to be for a little girl, the "girliest" color they had was kind of an eggplant purple. I also got a cactus green color, maybe I can get 2 pair made. If not, I'll make the other ones for my Monkey.
They use short row shaping, not hard although they call for a size 4 needle on a bulky weight yarn.

My Wings advance to the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The first game of that round is Sat. night in Detroit. Go Wings!!

STILL don't have my garden tilled up, but I got a bit more inspiration today. And it will happen this weekend, our frost date is June 1 anyway so still have time. I have a spot in my yard that is very shady and needs a lot of help. I found a wildflower mix for shady areas, so after I get my garden tilled up and hopefully get some seeds and plants in, I'll plant my wildflowers. That will pretty up that little area. Also have to fix the faucet on that side of the house, either that or get a longer hose. The only outside faucet I have that works is down by the barn.
The forcast calls for close to 80 this weekend! woo hoooo!! I'll get lots of stuff done outside, plus some nice bike riding with my brother who's coming in from Colorado for the long weekend.

Found an article on Mother Earth News the other day on a water pump that is hooked up to a bicycle frame. Apparantly 15 mins on the bike will pump enough water for a family of 4 for 2 days. That's pretty cool. Also found an idea for chickens in the garden there.

Soooooo many projects, not enough time! Indoor projects that are against a deadline: get the baby booties done. Outdoor projects: those stinky yucky baby chix and turks that are currently in my bathroom HAVE GOT to be put outside. Today it's about 35 deg. Just haven't had time, nor has the weather really cooperated to get that little project finished. And the kicker? I've spent more time trying to figure out how and when to do this than it will actually take. Also got to get the rototiller running and get the garden tilled up. I really want to get stuff planted this weekend while it's so warm, and get my pool cleaned out, and make my strawberry beds, and paint the barn, and, and, and......

Life's not boring, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

I see you started on Seth's booties. He needs two more please. He has four paws remember?

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