Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yeah, Mr. Mail Guy!!

Something amazing happened yesterday! We get our mail picked up at work, so if I have to mail something that won't fit in the box, well it doesn't make sense to make a trip to the post office, we'll just put it in the Pile 'O Stuff To Go Out" at work.

My son is currently stationed in Iraq and I had his trunk almost ready to go, just needed to finish taping it up, fill out the customs forms, address it, weigh it (about 60 lbs!).....

When the postal carrier showed up to collect our outgoing mail, he asked if the box was to go, and I told him no, I'd take it because I had to go fill out forms... have it weighed.... so I'd just take it. He then asked if I could have it addressed and taped in 1/2 hour, he would make a special trip back to pick it up for me and bring the forms I needed. And anytime I had a package ready to go to my son in Iraq, just call him and he'd make a special trip out to get it. And to be sure and tell my son that he and his family appreciate the sacrifices our troops are making.

Now that's just nice! Still get choked up thinking about it. You get to feeling like you're kind of in this boat alone, although I know there are thousands and thousands of families like mine, with a member overseas in not-so-great circumstances, it's real easy to feel alone, until someone comes along and outwardly recognizes the efforts being made, and it doesn't matter how they feel about us being over there, it's the personal twist that boosts you up.

Yeah, it's a real small town, where about 90% of the county is related, but still, this went above and beyond in my book.
Just sayin......

Ok, I'm done being all tear-jerkery and philosophical now on to the fun stuff.

I'm mentioned before our oldest daughter owns and runs a resale shop. Guess what she scored yesterday???

Hang on.....

Sit down......

A Log Desk! You can't imagine how great this is, not only do I now have a log desk to match my log cabin and growing log furniture collection, but I have to refinish it (stained dark), get my workshop cleaned up so I can refinish it, tear down the wall between my laundry room and work room so I can start cleaning, relocate the washer and dryer so I can tear down the wall, which will probably eventually lead to new paint. Now that's scary, all because she called and told me she had this desk come into her store. Has anyone read Pat McManus' treatise on "Sequences"? Think I've got him beat with this one!

Hubby was not allowed to make the decision as to whether or not he would bring this home, this is an ongoing joke. He's nothing if not a packrat, and has been known to drag home treasures from her store. So she and I have a pact. NO FURNITURE PURCHASES WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM ME FIRST! This was too funny, everyone involved just knew I'd have to have this desk, but they wouldn't let him just bring it home, nope, they had to have my ok. And not only that, he wasn't allowed to carry my ok, she had to call and verify that I actually did say ok. Too funny! Gotta love kids, they're fairly trainable even when they're grown.

And yes, we did get good kids. Specially when they score us some useful treasures!

As soon as it stops raining, and he brings it home (back of his truck, will get wet if it's raining.....), I'll take pictures, too cool!! This purchase alone motivated me to get all of our coats, hats, boots, snow suits, scarves, parkas, mittens, snow pants,shawls, mukluks, ice fishing suits (zoot-soots) and other assorted winter gear hung up, washed and put away. (Don't even ask where the link is that would supposedly connect these two events, it's there, you'll just have to trust me on this one.)

All of this is a bit confusing to The Bu-Dawgh as his bedroom is where all of this stuff gets hung up in the off season. He was a bit concerned with the filling of his bedroom with snow gear and boots and we had a bit of a panic attack, but we assured him all was ok, there would still be room for his bed. He then went out to chase a turkey. So next time someone asks, "What is the link between a log desk and a bu-dawgh", you can give them an intelligent answer. It's ok, you can keep this post to reference back if you forget, or go into brain spasms, or otherwise have a problem with my thought processes.

My Wings play game 4 of the Western Conference Finals tonight. Against the Dallas Stars. I'm sure it will be a good game, just ask me!


Anonymous said...

Wow, an old stove and now a log desk. Someone's on a shopping spree!

ter said...

lol, yeah, her and her resale shop are not a good combination for a resale junkie like me, but it does keep me out of the garage sales!

Anonymous said...

can we please not take down any walls. and leave the washing machine and dryer alone, they are working and as soon as you touch them they will break. does dad know you are tearing down walls or is this one of those things we do when he is gone and then wait to see if he notices?