Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fell Off The Wagon!

Remember my recent post about hating ribbon yarns? And the bamboo yarn that I knitted a swatch from, and really liked the drape and softness? Remember? I didn't remember to remind myself that I didn't like it, and I fell off the wagon labeled "I HATE RIBBON YARN AND WILL NEVER BUY ANY MORE OF THE WRETCHED STUFF!" I had already decided not to buy the bamboo, already justified the non-purchase, chalked it up to self control, patted myself on the back, threw out my shoulder, and then it happened. One of the gals had 11 more balls of it, for 4.00 a ball and my fingers that control the paypal "send money" button conspired with Little Brain just enough to do the damage. Follow along with me:

T:But I really don't like ribbon yarn.

LB: Think of it as branching out. Everyone needs to branch out.

T: We don't do change let alone branching out.

LB: It's not change. It's an addition. Kind of like a new son-in-law or a new grandkid. One more person to knit for, one more yarn variety to knit it with.

T: That's ridiculous, noone in their right mind is gonna buy that. I fell off the wagon that's what I did and now thanks to you I have to go 2 whole weeks without my favorite chocolate cappicino.

LB: You're the one being irrational. How long has it been since you bought any yarn, especially this kind of yarn. You know you really wanted it. And besides it will last lots longer than the cappacino.

T: You do have a point, but how will I justify this to my budget?

LB: Just let me take care of that, you know how creative I can be in the funding juggling dept.

T: Yeah, your "funding juggling" has gotten me into trouble before.

LB: And as I recall you blamed it on me, so there's your out. Just blame it on me!

T: Dude! I'm all serious and stuff here! No More Yarn!!

LB: Whatever! Let's go online and look for a cool pattern to use this yarn with.

Yesterday I took a trip into town with my Dad, he needed to go to the automotive store and I needed to go to none other than my favorite store in the whole world: Tractor Supply Company.
There's just no end to the coolness of that store, and there's nothing they don't have! (I've even seen ribbon yarn there!)and.....
Tootsie Rolls! By the bagful!
On the way we passed Dairy Queen. My Egg, being of questionable mind and virtually no body commanded that we stop. I fought it, really I did, but once a command is issued, I had no choice but to comply, so I promised The Egg that on the way back we'd stop. Well, since we'd scored big on the bag of tootsie rolls at TSC we got off the hook on that one. (The tootsie rolls jumped into the cart as I wheeled by. I tried to put them back on the shelf, but they were too strong for me, it was just meant to be). But as the ongoing battle ensued, I'm afraid we scared a couple of elderly ladies waiting in the checkout line. Once they figure out what was happening though, they were all better and they agreed you can go to long lengths to justify chocolate. It's almost as good as bamboo ribbon yarn that I hate!

Red Wings won again last night, 5-2. Was a really fast paced, fun game to watch. Wednesday night, if
when we win, then we're off to the finals!

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Wow, that's the conversation that goes on in your head? Scary!