Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Zoo Expands!

This afternoon this (see left) is going outside!

As is this:

It's warm enough with lights that they can go outside. They can go and stink out there! It's time! The time has come! No More! Baby birds that aren't really all that small anymore can live outside (with lights). The Condo will be moved to the side yard in a fenced in area, complete with old truck topper and the windows in my bathroom will be opened, at least for long enough to air it out. It's getting bad, you walk into the house and you can smell them all across the whole house. You can smell them upstairs. They are smelly in the basement. My house smells like chicken poo! Yuck! It's time.

I don't think I'm going to restain this desk. Of course, that means that I won't get my workroom cleaned up, the walls torn down between the workroom and laundry room, the washer and dryer relocated and the whole she-bang painted. Guess that sequence will have to wait until my next pseudo-project (which will come soon, as Ace (future son-in-law) scored a DEEP DEEP sink at a Habitat For Humanity store for only 10.00. Along with the new sink, I have a new faucet, well, it was new when I bought it, not so much anymore, but it even has one of those fancy sprayer thingees! I love sprayer thingees! And a spot for a lotion or soap dispenser. How cool is that??? But, before that, I have to get a new counter, cause, well, you can't put in a new sink and new faucet and not update the counter, can you? Ok, maybe it's do-able. It's been about 17 yrs since I put in a sink and faucet, maybe that will be a good Next Time Hubby's Gone For A Few Days project.
And, I have help now!

My Monkey LOVES PaPa's slippers, she is soooo cute. It's so much fun to have a youngun' in the house again. Last night she helped me collect eggs when I did chores, put them in a basket and had to run out to the garage to show PaPa. Didn't realize an 18 mo old Monkey could run that fast. Yeah, the eggs never made it to the house, but that's ok, it was too much fun watching her!

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