Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning a New Language.

Bu-Dawgh here:
When a baby comes into your house, they come with their own personality (this has been proven, however we've not yet been able to break them of it), their own tastes and their own language.

Our recent addition is no exception. And if you take the time to analyze their language, it really does make sense, most of the time.

Monkey points at a chicken and says "buk, buk". Of course, what else would it be? That's the noise it makes, so why would you call it a chicken? And I am "ruff". Makes sense! Blotchaboos are vegetables, yup, I get that, now here's one:
Pockies and Ebo. (for the uninitiated, pancakes and syrup). That one will take some figuring out, but they're still good to lick up off the floor when she drops them. Eggs are eggs, house is house, cat is cat and I, The Bu-Dawgh, want to know why Monkey can play with the "buk, buks" but I can't. And why is she sleeping in my room? And why have I been demoted to the mudroom. And why at night does the monkey get to climb up in mom's lap, that's supposed to be my spot.
I had it good! I was the baby, the only child, for my whole life, and now all of a sudden.....
But, the Monkey is fun to play with, she's more my size than mom is, and she giggles at the weirdest things. She thinks it's hilarious when I yowl at her, and when I pounce on the stuff she drops.

But it's not funny when mom plays with her. She'll grab her and hoist her up in the air and bite at her toes and tummy and she giggles and laughs, but it's not fun for me. Mom used to play with me. I don't remember her ever biting at my tummy or toes, but she would play with me and now she doesn't seem to even notice when I go into my new spot and pout. At least before when I would pout, she would come and talk to me. I'd give her the big brown eyes and I'd pretty much get anything I wanted, but no more. I don't understand why this has changed. I'm a good bu-dawgh, hardly ever chase the buk buks anymore (well, except for this morning when monkey opened the door and I scooted out). I always eat all my dinner, and I help clean off the monkey when she's done with dinner. I supervise when the monkey is in the bathtub, which is huge considering the history that the bathtub and I have, and considering that the baby buk buks are in the bathroom still, that's a bit of a distraction, me being a baby too.

I'm hoping that with time, the attraction of the monkey wears off and I'll once again, be top dog in mom's lap.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Bu-dawg really thinks like that. But it's fun to imagine what's going thru their tiny little itty bitty brains...

bu-dawgh said...

Excuse me, but my brain is not tiny. It can't be, look at the size of my head! I have to have room for all of my wrinkles!