Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy Weekend!

So this past weekend, I went and created even more work for myself. I never learn.

We got all of our asparagus planted. Got a spot cleared for blueberry seedlings, pushed over a dead tree. Seriously, this was not gonna happen. This tree was part of my clothesline, but it had this branch that would attack me every time I went to hang clothes. So, while hubby had his bulldozer out clearing spots for me, he decided to take the branch off of the old dead tree that was part of my clothesline. As soon as he barely touched that branch, the whole tree cracked and started falling. Can you imagine if I had hung just one too many towels from that clothesline? There was no warning, I could have been under that tree when it decided to go down. We were both very surprised, it was a huge old oak, very sturdy stump (or so we thought). Whew, that was a close one!

So now we have asparagus out by the rhubarb, that must be weeded, and soon we'll have 50 highbush blueberry plants that will have to be weeded (and watered), and, and, and....

Was gonna do the annual clean up the yard/barn/pasture bonfire so I could get all that garbage out of the way, and wanted to move the firepit, but it was too windy to burn. So.... the annual yard/barn/pasture bonfire must be postponed.

Started to clean out the pool, this is a multi step process, involving a wetsuit, tolerance to cold water and the ability to create suction from a huge sump hose. Suction as many leaves, water bugs, spiders, asphalt from the shingles... out as is possible, and then do a whirlpool (walk around in a circle really fast to get the water moving so all the "stuff" will go to the middle). Then after all the debris is settled, we start all over again. Some would use a filter system. Where's the fun in that?

Rode my bike several times and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Blondie came up this weekend, so we got to visit with her a bit. She found a deep old sink at a sale and got it for me. Now to remember all the steps involved in counter/faucet/sink replacement. My faucet needs a new handle, and hubby came up with a way cool idea! Use an antler for the handle. It would look really neat, so now to figure out how to make that work. Blondie also brought back the 120 days ago sweater, she doesn't like it, it makes her look like a big fat fuzzy pink cloud. Sigh! Oh well, The Mouth does like it, so at least someone will wear it.

We also went to the mud bogs at a friend's house, those are always fun too. Big boys driving big toys through a big mud puddle. Doesn't sound like much when you look at it like that, but it was fun.

Wow! That was a busy weekend. Today we need to start more tomato seeds, jalapeno pepper seeds, water the asparagus, clean out the horse trough..... ugh. I'm sooooo good at creating work for myself!

And, being close to the first of the month, I can expect my Yarn Of The Month shipment any day now, it's like Christmas!

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