Friday, March 28, 2008

120 Days Ago Sweater

The 120 Days Ago Sweater did not get finished last night at Knit Night, however, I did approach it with vim and vigor as promised. But there was pizza, and cinnamon spears and we do have our priorities!
Got a new handle on it though, and tonight my Wings play, so maybe, just maybe...

I Can't Wait To Ride My Bike. This is laughable as this is the road that I travel every day to work and back: But with the days getting longer, and increasingly more sunny (ier?)the pull is starting to get to me. I know better though. How do I know better than to try to ride my bike on snow and ice? Don't ask. Suffice to say, the last time I tried to ride my bike in the snow I found out that picking my bike up all by myself was do-able!

Before anyone questions my sanity, more than what has already been done, I was not being irresponsible. Not trying to extend my riding season as long as I possibly could. There was just the cold (literally) hard fact of snow on the ground, and being a semi-responsible sort, we decided to store the bike for the winter in the barn. Well, since pushing it there wasn't really an option, riding was the only way to get it there. Turns out there was a third way, but hang with me here. As soon as the back tire hit the snow, we went down. Hubby was watching, that much I knew. I also knew that there was NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH I was not gonna not be able to pick that up by myself. Not with hubby watching, nope, not gonna fail. So I did it.

Turns out the third way to get the bikes to the barn was for Hubby to take them. Yeah, that worked out way better!

On the turkey egg front, still holding at 6. Geeeez. Stupid birds. They're really shooting their average here. Another nest might be an option, but I've looked and can't find anything.
This is my incubator, such that it is, sitting on my kitchen counter. And the eggs currently in my incubator, with the first ones scheduled to hatch around 4.4

I LOVE little birdies!!

Little Birdies Rock!!


Anonymous said...

I don't see an X's on the eggs. How do you know which one has been turned over or not?

My eggs are expected to hatch on 4/18. We'll see...

ter said...

I have the hatch date written on them, it also serves to know how much to turn them. all the dates are currently down.