Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Power - and other Random Events

Apparantly, even up here where we're used to the snowy, blowy, drifty, waaaay slippery weather in March, our power lines are still subject to, well, snowy, blowy, drifty things happening to them.

No power means - gasp - are you sitting? - NO INTERNET!!
Ok, catch your breath, is everyone ok?

Yes, we weathered the storm, such that it was, and all is well now. Except the clocks. Why is it that when the power goes out and all the electric clocks go out with it, that when lights, etc. come back on, each and every clock registers a different time? Something in the space time continuum (I love that word!)gets warped, or distracted, and in a world where Argentina, Alaska and Africa all are in the same place because they all start with "A" very little makes sense.
This is what happens when our internet/phones.... go bye bye. A world without internet! The thought is mind boggling!

My Red Wings (as if I actually own them) continues to skate and shoot their way to the playoffs. While the playoffs are what the world is made of in April, it also signals an end to the hockey season. Now what do we do with our Tuesday nights? A whole new time continuum is created, when all of a sudden, anywhere from 3-15 hours of our week needs to be filled with other activities. Nascar still remains, thank goodness, lest the entire state curl up and die, but soon hockey will be no more, until September anyway. Go Wings!!

This forced withdrawl of my favorite winter sport launches me into the spring things, like venturing out to try to find the garden (it's still buried under at least 18"), digging out the shovels, rakes and hoes, and making a last minute dash through the seed catalogs. The barn needs to be cleaned out and organized - maybe this year I'll get a rack built for all my scrap wood instead of piling it around the hay.

Speaking of hay, it's looking like I will have enough, and the Farmer's almanac is predicting one sole week towards the end of June that we will have to get our first cutting in. That's not encouraging, it will be a mad scramble and we won't make it, we never do, no matter how much we scheme and plan and rush around, we never get the first cutting in on time, but in our mad rush, we get enough done that it's held over for awhile. Second cutting will be a bit more relaxed and third, if we get one, will be a "if we think we'll need it" kind of thing.

Turkey egg count is currently at 6. I seem to be getting one every other day.

My to-do list this time of year often fills up every scrap piece of paper and kilobyte I can find to write or type it on. Fences need to be fixed, barns cleaned out and pens built. Garden started, pool cleaned out, filled up and, and, and, and.... looking ahead to the fall harvest, critters need to be bought, fattened up, or started and there still needs to be some time to enjoy the little things in life. Like a bike trip across the UP that so far 6 of us have planned.

Speaking of gardening, does anyone else try to garden by the "signs" (moon, stars, location of such). For example, a popular myth is that your onions should be started by Good Friday. Who are they kidding? Started where? Easter was way early this year, and as such, so was Good Friday but come on! Technically our frost date to put in tender annuals such as tomatoes and peppers is June 1, and they want our onions started by mid March? Ok then!

I found a fun game:
Here's how to find your Easter Bunny name - Mind is Cuddles Honydrops - Could it possibly get any cuter?? Go here to find yours!

Someone was kind enough to suggest that if I oiled my roof, the snow would slide off and I wouldn't have to shovel it. Actually, along those lines of thinking, our roof does need to be redone this year, and it will be a tin roof. We scored a bunch of leftover tin at an estate sale last year, problem is, it's 3 different colors. Since I'm not willing to have a red/white/cream striped roof, I'll be setting up sawhorses and painting the tin before it goes up. I think a dark hunter green. Will probably paint the doors the same color, and who knows, the trim around the doors and windows maybe too, stain, not paint, but the same color. We'll see.....

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree... Hunter Green would be a good color. Oh yeah, you can add that to your growing list. Don't forget to add coming out to CA to help your bro finish up his house.