Thursday, March 6, 2008

Frozen Dirt!

Every October I make a note to myself to gather up some of our good dirt (we have a lot of it on the farm, we make it every day) so I will have dirt to start seeds in, in Feb. and March. I also remind myself that last year I didn't do it and I was sorry and mad at myself. So, now that it's time to get seeds started, do I have my dirt? Of course not! And why? Because I didn't do it in October when I told myself to and currently it's under 2' of the white stuff and frozen solid.

Every spring hubby takes the bulldozer (he can use it in the pasture, just not through my paths) and pushes up all the previous years dirt into a big pile for it to compost. This is mostly horse crap and old hay, but there's been pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, chix, turkeys.... in there too. Oh yeah, rabbits too. Don't forget those adorable rabbits I had that I was gonna spin yarn out of. Yeah, that worked out well. Maybe someday.....

So, here I am at seed starting time and no dirt to start them in. Grrrr.
Obviously I'm not going to buy dirt when I have TONS of it everywhere, so I'll have to wait another month and hope I can find it then.
Anyone wanna send me some?

I'm also getting in the Hanging Clothes Out On The Line frame of mind.
Someone stop me, there's still a lot of snow out there, and besides, the jeans and towels would never dry.

Knitting? Last night I had The Mouth (dd#4) try on Blondies (dd#3) sweater to see if it fits BEFORE I actually finish sewing it together! They are pretty much the same size and besides Blondie called and told me it would be another week before she made it up from The Big City Where She Lives And Works. It actually didn't turn out too bad. I have just the tiniest bit of adding to do under the armholes, so rather than tear it out, I'll get creative with short rows and yarn overs. Take that Yarn Karma!! Ha!

Tomorrow..... I will introduce you to PAF

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Anonymous said...

Duh! You can always thaw the dirt. We do that all the time out here in California.