Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daffodils For My Mom!

Another "wintry mix" has been entrusted to us. This is the new catch phrase of The Weather People. Wintry Mix shows up in purple on our TV screen and usually contains The Entire Viewing Area. Duh! Again, N. Michigan in March. Supposedly this Wintry Mix consists of 2-4" of snow followed by sleet and freezing rain. That pretty much covers any kind of precipitation that could occur here this time of year. That also explains where my mother's daffodils went!

My parents winter in AZ. Clearly they are out of touch with our Michigan winters, but she wanted a picture of her daffodils. So, this one's for you mom! Yup, it's what you wanted. A picture of your daffodils, or rather where they will be when our Wintry Mix goes away.

Youngest child is currently stationed in Germany, on active duty. He's going to Iraq in a few weeks. This will be his second time there, he tells me not to worry, actually, he tells me what he thinks I want to hear. Like "Where we're going is in a good area, most of the people there like us". The word "most" is what worries me. It only takes one of the "not most" to change his world forever. 15 months is what they're telling them to tell us, at least now they have cell phones and computers. I can't imagine being a mother to a son in combat 30 years ago, and just having to wonder when and if you'll ever hear from them again.
I know I'm not alone in this, lots of parents (and grandparents, and sisters, and brothers, aunts, uncles...) are in the same boat, it's a bit easier to lean on someone when they can understand what you're feeling. Enough of that!

On another note, The Egg has come home to roost, or hatch, or whatever. This is the vehicle that will supposedly buy me 45-50 mpg. But first, hubby has to make it run. I still have some time before I won't need the 4WD anymore.


Anonymous said...

We didn't plant white daffodils. Where are the yellow ones?

ter said...

I'm sure the Bu-Dawgh could make you some yellow snow. Would that be better?