Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring and Hoppy Easter!

Today is one of our "Food Fests" at work.

We do this occasionally to celebrate Easter, Christmas, Wednesday, Pink Day, really anything that we can think of to celebrate. Everyone brings a dish to pass and we, well, indulge.

As my contribution, I brought steaks. On this list that is passed around to disclose each contributors contribution, it was specified that these steaks be from a cow. Well, I found humor in that, in that because of my backwoods, redneck ways, the gals I work with thought it necessary to clarify. So, of course I took it apon (upon? don't know) myself to further clarify as female elk and elephants are both considered cows, as are water buffalo and Quiviet. Elk being the most likely "alternate cow" for me to show up with, they specified beef.

Of course that could also mean beefalo (beef, buffalo) as they are also considered cows. So it was related in great detail that if I couldn't go in to the local supermarket and specify beef and get this, then don't bring it. If it didn't moo while still alive, don't bring it.

Spoil Sports!

So Cow it is, nice thick big steaks from a real cow, raised on real pasture, without additives, antibiotics and not having lived it's life in some feed lot somewhere eating chicken crap as alternative protein. A real cow, that when it mooed, it was a happy moo, not an uncomfortable, yucky moo. I know, enough! But that's the reason I grow my own cow (and chickens, turkeys, pigs...) I know what they eat and what they don't eat and I prefer it that way. Plus I just love my critters! They may be intended for the freezer from the day I buy/hatch them, but they are still loved, nurtured, given names, petted and played with. When their life is over we give thanks for their contribution.

So this is the schedule this weekend: Gotta shovel more snow off the roof as the porch is leaking again, bathroom trap is leaking so will have to trace that and fix it, and a few other maintenance things.

Have a hoppy Easter, everyone, and Spring is Finally Here!! (Now to tell the 3 foot of snow.....)

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