Friday, March 7, 2008

PAF (or Puff-A-Fluff)

I want to introduce you to another of my favorite critters. He is a 3 year old Registered Siberian Husky, actually belongs to my daughter. He is affectionately known as PAF (Puff-A-Fluff....aka....Dawson....aka...Fins - my family are serious Jimmy Buffet groupies!)
This is the nicest dog HOWEVER.... we have issues with walking on slippery surfaces. Yup, that's right, a sled dog that won't walk on ice! (or hardwood floors, or tile, or even a slippery deck). I'm telling ya, if there is a critter out there that is "not quite right" it will find it's way to me!

He's very vocal, as I understand huskies can be, will actually "talk". Well, more like argueing and expressing his opinion but it's very fun. And talk about High Maintenance! We've endured several pancreatitis episodes as well as Heartworm (yeah, in Michigan!). He's allergic to a lot of different things (seriously, beef? A dog who can't eat beef?)Total Arm Fur!

But... he sheds the most GORGEOUS fur. Last spring I pulled and brushed several grocery bags full of this soft, soft, downy under coat (puff). One of these days when I'm good enough at spinning to try dog fur, I'm going to try to spin this. It's beautiful! This puffy is just about useless, but he's gorgeous and that's all he has to be. And he knows it, just ask him!

In my yarn world, I got another yummy package from Yarn of the Month Company

I LOVE the Debbie Bliss Cotton (yellow sample) as well as the silk and wool laceweight from Nature's Pallet (variegated blue sample). Those two will definitely go on my "must have" list.

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