Monday, March 17, 2008

A Weekend of Activities....

This was a busy weekend, but I don't feel like I got anything done!
Apparantly my emails to The People Who Schedule Nascar AT The Same Time That The Red Wings Play went unread. I'll have to fire off another one.
The chickens continue to lay more and more eggs, I've currently got probably 12 in the incubator, but so far only 1 turkey egg. The Mouth, who works in town and can do this for me, will pick up some laying mash this afternoon, hopefully that will spur the turkeys into being a bit more productive.

If I can get a few more of these I'll be very very happy.
Where we are cutting is a left over logging site. We've cut 14 truck loads so far. Can anyone say "Ow, it hurts"? Right now it's just a huge pile of wood, but this summer I'll try to stack it so it dries. That's not something that absolutely has to be done, it will dry anyway but it will look nicer.

I started another sweater this weekend. Granddaughter #3 (oldest daughter of The Tall Blonde) asked me to knit her a sweater. And her birthday is coming up so..... And she looks just GORGEOUS in yellow, and being of the age that they like the hoodies.....

We also accomplished this during the weekend. There's more to be done, obviously. But the porch was leaking. Seriously, the porch was leaking. We can't have a porch that leaks, that would be wrong, considering that's where we keep the firewood, (and my chair that I sit in on a nice day to knit and forget about my chaotic life) it really doesn't do good to have a leaky porch.

Put up another clothes-line this weekend. Can anyone spot the design flaw? Maybe one of my Engineer brothers would care to help me out here.

I'm not sure what happened other than that
1. I used a cotton clothes rope and
2. It stretched.
Maybe a nylon covered cable would be better. Have to re-think this one. Soon I'll be able to use the old one, this is mainly for winter so I don't have to slog through major amounts of snow to hang laundry. No, I don't have to go through the snow to hang the laundry, but I do have to go pick it up out of the snow.

Tonight? Hopefully we'll cut a few more loads of wood. I say that with mixed feelings. The wood is free for the taking right now, and the weather is nice enough, but it sure feels like work! Next winter I will be full of very much happiness that this early spring we did this.


bill said...

mom i can find one flaw in your design and that is that there is snow on the ground and u are tryin to dry cloths outside

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with your clothes line. Didn't you hear that clothes dry faster in the snow? Plus it protects your clothes from falling on to the ground.

ter said...

That's true, they don't get dirty that way!