Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Weekend!
Our oldest daughter owns and operates a resale-consignment shop and all day Saturday I played over there. I love going through all the "treasures" that come in. All of my clothes come from there anymore. Also scored a nice pine scented candle (try and find pine scents anymore!) And a huge plant stand that will be nice for organizing the rain forest I have by my sliding glass door.

On Easter Sunday, we shoveled off more snow from porch roof. There was still close to 2 foot up there. We got a lot of it down though. The porch roof doesn't have the steep angle that the regular roof does, so the snow just stays up there.

I got a lot of laundry done before it started snowing again. I love hanging out laundry, even in the snow, it always seems so fresh. Most of this will probably have to be put in the dryer for a few minutes. And look! Over to the left of the picture, there's actually a piece of ground that you can see! Spring really is coming!

And doesn't this look nice? I like to cut wood, on a day when it's about 35 or so, no breeze, bright sun, beautiful! You don't get so overheated that it's a chore, and it's still warm enough to stay warm.

Hopefully it will be enough wood to last the rest of the winter.

Turkey egg count is at 5! Would be great not to have to buy turkeys this year, they are soooo expensive, so, keep them coming ladies!


Anonymous said...

You should oil your roof, that way the snow will just slide right off of it.

I dunno, the whole clothes on the clothesline and snow in the background still looks weird to me. No matter how many times I look at it...

Anonymous said...

the "Red Wings" towel is printed backwards. You must have been using one of those left-handed cameras.