Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Insomnia, Bulldogs and Turkey Eggs!

Insomnia sucks. Menopause sucks! I've come to deal with the hot flashes, mood swings and assorted other fun things associated with this, but now we have insomnia. We're not one to deal well with lack of sleep. At all. We get cranky. At everyone. So night before last, I spent a good deal of time watching the clock. Ok, when the word "insomnia" rears it's ugly head, normal people think of no sleep at all. My version is waking up and looking at the clock 4 or 5 times a night. Part of my bedtime ritual is trying to make it to the top of the stairs before I fall asleep, so you can imagine how distressful this is.

Distressful is a fun word don't you think?

Another thing that is distressful at times is The Bu-Dawgh. Being part Shar-pei (wrinkles included) he is afflicted with allergies. He is allergic to anything that even thought about being made out of corn at anytime during it's lifetime. Corn, corn oil, corn syrup, corn flakes, stories about corn, foot corns, and probably the whole state of Iowa.

These allergies are manifested by vigorous ear shaking and pawing at the skin. Vigorous. Shaking. Of. The. Head. At. 2:15 AM!

This is distressful to Hubby who doesn't care for dogs anyway and cares even less when they disturb his sleep. We won't go into his snoring disturbing my sleep. That's another dollar for another day, or up a tree without a paddle or something like that. You get the idea.

So at 2:15 AM during a night when insomnia has decided NOT to visit me, I get out of bed to take care of my critter. He gets benedryl. Before someone sics PETA on me, remember that I have 1. a distressed 60 lb puppy, 2. An already irritated (further distressed) hubby, and 3. A houseful of guns. Way more humane (and less distressful) to get up and get the benedryl than it is to let hubby take care of it. 1/2 hr later we are both soundly asleep, me on the floor rubbing his ears, and him (puppy, not hubby) on my pillow, snoring!
They are so much alike, that at times it's well, distressful!


I found another turkey egg, so life is good! 3 and counting now, all marked and in the incubator. I've decided to hatch out 24 RIR eggs (rhode island red), and as many turk eggs as I can get.
Yes, turkey eggs can aleve a lot of distressful!

No pics today, other than the standard. Sorry about that, lack of sleep and all, I was able to sleep in a bit this morning.

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