Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Green... and More Stuff

One of my favorite colors. This time of year I just ache for green things. Thought I'd give you some pictures of Green things today, in honor of the upcoming St. Patricks Day. I told you I'd give you pictures but I lied. Either that or I forgot my camera - you know the one, the Awesome Camera That I Bought Myself For My Birthday Last Year camera. Oh well, work with me here.

Pine Trees (a picture of a pine tree would go here if I hadn't forgotten my camera)
My absolutely favorite kind of tree ever! The big one in the background is named "Katie" (picture a big white pine in the background). When the kids were younger they would climb up and up and up. I love the smell of pines all the time. they are beautiful just after a fresh heavy snow. And in they smell sooooo good in the spring!

Yummy Yarn (The would be a picture of all of my green yarn, which is all categorized by color, you know, green!)

I have a lot of greenery in my house. I'd show you a picture of the boughs that top all of my windows, but well, again, no camera.

Sweater I knit
I knit this cabled Aran a long time ago. Green is one of my favorite colors and this sweater is no exception. (Picture a really pretty sweater, really, it's pretty!)

Favorite Mug
Well, not the favorite, but close. (It's green, I'm sure you know what a mug looks like)

Aloe, Geraniums, and Cactus. (I would have put a picture here of the plants that I overwinter in the house, if I had remembered my camera)

More stuff.....
I went down to my craft room (formerly known as "The Mouth's" room to take a picture (you know, with the camera that I don't have)of my shelf of green yarn and found that the icemaker to the fridge directly above was leaking. A lot. We had puddles. I thought I saw a trout jump. Seriously, I thought about putting hubby's waders on! I'm no stranger to leaks in our house, I would refer you back to the Great Aquarium Bursting of Seams that happened 2 yrs ago, but I'm not over it enough yet to be objective.
So anyway, turned the water off to the fridge (not a bad thing this time of year, but I will have to investigate and fix it before I want ice in the summer).

Refresh my mind. Did I or Did I Not tell Mother Nature that I had had enough of winter for one year? I did, I know it. I always figured she liked my going out in shirtsleeves and danceing in the new snow barefoot rituals, so she kept piling it on. So naturally, when I said UNCLE, I figured she'd take the hint. Notsomuch. More Snow yesterday. Again, this is March and this is N. Mich, but come on! I have a brother who is tormenting me mercilessly because he gets to go out and ride his harley and I can't even get mine out of the barn. ENOUGH!! UNCLE!! Whatever it takes!!

It's time to do laundry. When I open my sock drawer and the only thing I can find is Santa Clause socks with Ho Ho Ho on them (picture Christmassy cute socks), it's time. That's a clue. Hubby yelling about not having any jeans is another clue. No, he doesn't do laundry. He did it once and that was enough. One of these days maybe I'll get brave and show him where we keep the washer and dryer, but it's not gonna be today.

Is Daylight Savings Time kicking any one else's butt? Seems the older I get, the more I am resistant to change. So along with my email to The Powers That Be to consider not scheduling Nascar and a Red Wings game on the same Sunday afternoon, I'll mention the Daylight Savings Time thing too. I mean, if no one complains, how will The Powers That Be know that I'm unhappy with it? And if it takes 7 complaints and they only have 6, then I can be the one who makes the difference. It's tough, but someone has to take up the cause.
Here would be another pretty picture of a pine tree.... use your imagination... you've all seen a pine tree!

Go Wings - another win last night!

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Anonymous said...

Ok we get it. Your favorite color is green and you forgot your camera. You know you can always run back home and get it, since you live about a mile away.

You've had enough of snow? WHAT? That's impossible!!