Thursday, March 27, 2008

When Work Gets in the Way of Life!

This morning I was handed a Total Shift In The Way I'd Been Thinking About My Newest Project. This is all fine and good, unless you know me. I don't do change. Ever. I avoid it. Religiously.

The first thing this change requires is for me to bring my Little Brain to a screeching halt! This is never good. At some point Little Brain will be expected to run yelling and screaming in a different direction. Forge a new path if you will. As a person who doesn't do change, you can imagine the stress that this involves. Just pulling in the reins on Little Brain is enough to derail me for an hour or so, but then to set off in a totally different direction, and expect to be productive? Ok then!

Not that this new direction isn't best. Actually it will be better for all involved (except for Little Brain), it's really a better way to go, and the masses seem to agree, so all the distress sounds you hear in the background is Little Brain trying to accept the inevitable with grace and dignity. We don't generally do grace and dignity either, but sometimes drastic measures must be taken.

I think I need another cup of coffee.

So, in my knitting world not much is happening. I have 2 sweaters that have to be done, 1 that should have been done about 120 yesterdays ago and another that needs to be finished in another week. Ugh. Ok, we have Knit Night tonight and the 120 Yesterdays Ago sweater will be tackled with vim and vigor (but probably not grace and dignity). It is after all a sweater! And there will probably be a beer or two involved. This is all well and good. A beer or two will be just what Little Brain needs to switch directions on this project too. And there you have it. Not only is Little Brain being deluged with changes on the work project, but also on the knitting front.

Turkey egg count is still at 6. I posted yesterday that I was getting a turkey egg every other day, but I forgot to lock the door to the house and the turkeys evidently got hold of my computer and read that post. Because.... no egg yesterday. I was all set to have 1 egg every other day, or roughly 150 eggs per year and now even the turkeys are conspiring against Little Brain. How much more can she take?

Must. Have. Coffee..... Beer


Anonymous said...


Sometimes the turkeys need a rest. Maybe they're resting. My hens did that. They took a a week hiatus and then started up again.

ter said...

There's 3 of them. And at 1 egg every other day, that's about 1 egg a week per. (or close - math is right up there with change!) How much resting do they need?