Monday, March 31, 2008

A Weekend of "Ands".....

And it rains! And the snow and ice will go away. And the frost will come out of the roads. And maybe, just maybe I can find my garden and get some dirt to start seeds. The world is good.

And the 120 Days Ago Sweater is almost done. The knitting is done and the seaming is almost done. One seam left, crochet a shell edge around the neck, weave in ends and say "Good Bye" to this bad boy!

Then I'll work on finishing Granddaughter's spring birthday sweater. That one will be quick and easy. It's almost mindless, which is good during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are soooo awe-inspiring. Another favorite thing to do is sit out on the porch with a cup of coffee, blanket and knitting and watch and listen as nature throws it's very cool temper tantrum!
Very cool!

When the snow and ice and frost are gone, and the mud dries up just a bit (Michigan's 5th season is mud!) I can start to ride my bike again. Yay!! I can also get out to get fences fixed, tree limbs hauled to the wood pile, scrap metal hauled to the scrap yard, barn cleaned out.. all those things that snow and ice seem to make just about impossible. 18" of snow is how much we lost this past few days. Because underneath it was a pile of lumber that was about that high, and now it's all visible. Probably still frozen to the ground but it's totally visible. Another project that got waylaid.

And I found a green thing in the yard today. Usually there is so much green that it's really not noticeable, but there, in the middle of a HUGE patch of brown dirt (yay for dirt!) was this little mullein plant. Gotta get rid of those, they are truly pesty. Those and the burdocks. But if it weren't for these weeds, we wouldn't have much of a lawn at all. One of these days I'll have time to properly "do" a lawn.

And I found another turkey egg, so we're holding at 8. I'm not counting on anything, but I got 2 eggs in 2 days. Dare I hope for another today?

And "Cat" came back. "Cat" is my infamous barn cat. Always scratched up, always with fur missing and the fact that he has come back time and time again for going on 3 years now is a testament to his immortality. Around here, barn cats become coyote food in short order. But he's a vicious one, although very very loving. He'll cuddle and purr and get all his loving and then go out to fight more unknown intruders. This time he was gone for probably a month, I really didn't ever hope to see him again, but then this morning in the barn, there he was, in all his scratched up, fur missing glory. Yay Cat!

Red Wings won AGAIN!! No surprise there. It was a great game, against Nashville's always tough Predators. 3 periods of no score, and then well into the first 4 minute sudden death overtime, they pulled it off again.

Yay rain! Yay thunderstorms! Yay dirt! Yay Cat! Yay Wings.

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Anonymous said...

Gee... I wonder if Dean's hunting skills have been going sour since the cat is still around. If I were you I'd join Dean in a little target practice with the cat since he'll most likely get to your chicks.

So I found out that 2 of 3 of my eggs are fertile. My hatch date is the 18th of this month.