Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

The Plan:

(Sidetrack) It has been suggested to me that I write about what is happening in my life currently. I have such an exciting life that the enthusiasm knows no bounds but I will try to apply myself.

Back to The Plan:

Knit! Blondie called and said she was coming up from The Big City Where She Lives and Works so the rush is on to get the pink sweater done. I don't know why I can't take an interest in this sweater. When The Mouth tried it on, it almost fit. A couple rows of gussetts under the arms and it will be good to go. Sew up the side seams, crochet a shell stitch around the neckline, weave in ends and send it on it's way. So I will knit, and knit and knit. I figure 2-3 hours before I can lay this bad boy to rest.

(Sidetrack....) I forgot to mention another green thing that I like yesterday. My barn that is still 1/3 full of hay. that's a good thing. It was such a sucky year for hay that it's selling as if it were gold. Speaking of which, I need to stop at the neighbors and see how his supply is holding out. He put enough hay away for 1 horse, and then aquired another. I'll have some to spare, so will stop to make sure he's ok.

(Back to the plan...)This is what actually happened:

Hubby came home from work early. Sometimes this interferes with my carefully laid out plans. My plans were to knit, but instead of that we went to cut a load of firewood. By the time we got back it was dark and my hands hurt. So... No knitting. But on the up side... The Mouth had pizza in the oven. Crack open a beer... Make a cup of coffee and collapse in the chair.

Conversation between Hubby and myself:
Hubby: I bought you an egg.
CAT (Crazy Aunt Ter - duh!): You bought me an egg?
Hubby: I bought you an egg!
CAT: The hens are laying again, why did you feel the need to buy me an egg (or 12 or 18).
Hubby: I bought you an egg, I paid 300.00 for it.
CAT: (This egg better be chocolate with a diamond inside) You paid 300.00 for an egg? Start talking!!! NOW!!!!!
Hubby: (laughs) It's a little Geo. Gets 45-50 mpg. Looks like an egg. But it needs work.
CAT: (everything that comes into this yard needs work. Most come in on a flatbed)
Ok then!

Back to the real world..... In which The Weatherperson predicts rain today. Since we live 1.5 zones N of where The Weatherperson assigns his/her dire predictions, I translate that into snow. I was wrong. It was worse. We're getting sleet and freezing rain. Apparantly in my issuing of orders to Mother Nature, who's sense of humor never ceases to amaze me, She took it to mean.... Bring It On! And she did. This was fun on the way to work since my truck has no heat. The no heat thing I can handle, but the lack of heatage coming out of the defroster kind of makes the freezing rain/sleet thing kind of build up and I have to drive to work hunched down in the seat looking through the 2" space of windshield that does not attract the elements. My life is so exciting!!!


Anonymous said...

You know, all this snow talk has manifested itself into my dreams. Last night I dreamt that it was snowing in San Diego.

So what color is The Egg?

ter said...

The egg is um... off white? Kind of an eggshell color? lol. Snow in SD Eh? Must be rain!

Arctically Clueless said...

I had a dream last night too. But I forgot what it was about.