Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My World and Welcome To It!

We live a simple, fairly self sufficient life and while I mostly work in the 21st century in a job I really like, I live in yesterday. Summer will find me out on my bike, in the garden or in the kitchen canning everything not nailed down, and winter finds me curled up by the woodstove knitting or reading. Have to admit to being a Red Wings Wing Nut and having a mild fascination with the boys who go round and round in fast cars.

I've thought about doing this for quite awhile and finally the time is right. Why is the time right? Because in the foggy murky world of "starting to wake up" I thought I heard Bu-Dawgh whining. (Stay with me here, I'm nothing if not a rambler, but I will eventually get to my point) Bu-Dawgh is my 1.5 yr old Shar-pei-spaniel cross "puppy" and the biggest baby in the world. OK, back to his whining. It's 5:15 am and he's whining. While normally I'd ignore him, my sleep induced brain remembers that I wormed him last night, so if he's whining, he has to go out. Turns out that in the early morning haze a whiny Bu-Dawgh and a rooster sound very similar, but he was happy to go out anyway. So now that we are awake, I made my coffee and started this.

I like to get up early and have coffee with the sun, such that it is, in Michigan, in winter. This weekend brings The Time Change so it will screw me up a bit but I'll adjust. That's how we roll!

We are expecting yet another round of Mother Nature and her always whimsical I'm Not Done With Winter Yet game. It is, after all, Michigan and it is, after all, early March.
These pictures are of my view from my office window, taken this morning. I know it's rough having to put up with a view like this but we will endure.

And since this is a knitting and homesteading blog expect more pictures of my fascinating life when I remember to recharge the batteries in My Awesome Camera That I Bought Myself For My Birthday Last Year. This is one of my turkeys, apropriately named "Tom-Tom"
(unlike the navigation system, this turkey tends to get lost on a frequent basis).

I would show you pictures of the eggs that my Rhode Island Reds are now laying, but I don't have any. Pictures, or eggs either for that matter. I 'spect there's a possum involved. He will become a dead possum when I find him. And no, I won't cook him up in a stew, he will become coyote food.

Tomorrow I will regale you with tales of "My Path".

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like to watch the boys that go round and round in them Indy cars too!